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The History of Microsoft (1975-2001)

The History of Microsoft It wasn’t too long ago that Microsoft‘s position in the market was so dominant that really everyone was using IE (internet explorer) along with Windows and Office and that space cadet pinball game (awesome). So just how did Microsoft become the face of software industry. Started …

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How Do Touchscreen Glass Work

Touchscreen glass, How does it work? We all know that normal glass is highly shatterable. But these days we use glass a lot more then windows. We interact with our phones, tablets and even some laptops through touching a glass screen. Considering all these are portable devices that we drop, …

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Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Explained Windows 10 has been with us whether we like it or not for a little over a year now. Microsoft has moved away from monolithic updates every three or so years in favor of the new windows as a service concept with feature updates being …

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How Do Sim Cards Work

How Do Sim Cards Work Back in the good old days telephone’s had physical wires linking one end to another. This was regardless whether or not you are making a call across the continent or just using a couple of tin cans attached to a string. Whenever you’ve had dialed …

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