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Intel Core i3 7350k – Is it an i5 Killer

How fast is the Intel Core i3 7350k – is it an i5 Killer?

This is the core i3 7350k and its a very exciting processor right now. Its a core i3 chip which is fully unlocked, has a unlocked multiplier and it supports hyper threading. Up until now we haven’t seen a chip of this caliber. The thing that comes closes to it is the Pentium G3258 which was the anniversary edition chip from Intel. The only problem with G3258 was it did not have hyper threading so while it did pretty well in single threaded applications it took a backseat in multi threaded applications like rendering.


We were able to overclock it upto 5ghz with voltage dialed in at 1.42v.

Synthetic test

3D Mark Fire strike Extreme

There is not much of a gap there, so that’s a pretty good start for the core i3 so far but in my experience 3d mark fire strike does not always tell the full story in terms of real world performance gaming.

Games Tested at 1920*1080p Ultra, GTX 1060


Metro Last Light

Grand Theft Auto 5



Sample used was a 4 minute screen capture of GTA 5 rendered at 1920*1080 using H.264 encoding.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6


Threads do not equal cores. Having a dual core processor with hyper threading is by no stretch any match for a quad core processor with 4 physical cores when comes to multi threaded applications. If you have the money to go for a i5 absolutely go for it, do not try to skimp or cut corners by getting the 7350k which does compete in the same space. There was never a chance that Intel would make core i3 chip even close to the i5 counterpart.

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