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Kaby Lake 7700K VS Skylake 6700k for Gaming. Showdown

Kaby Lake 7700k Gaming Review

Kaby lake 7700k is the direct successor to the Skylake 6700k. Kabylake is just an optimization of the same 14nm architecture that skylake is based on. They both carry the same 4 core, 8 thread count and cache capacity. Although clock speeds see a nice boost in the core line up much of the hype surrounding kaby lake involves support for intels superfast optane storage technology and a wider range of interfaces with z270.

Lets see what increase in gaming performance one might benefit from by upgrading to the new platform.


The 7700k which turbos to 4.5ghz out of the box was able to hit 4.9ghz after some quick tuning in the bios. This is certainly the bigger attraction of kaby lake, awesome overclocking potential and higher clock speeds over its predecessors.

Synthetic Benchmarks

3DMark Extreme



There are no gains to begin with, I mean the 7700k’s widest leap was 3fps in GTA 5 at 1080p and the rest of the results were close and there is not a distinct winner, its basically a wash. The only advantage is that if you have a 6700k which you use for gaming you wont feel that you are left behind with this new release. This proofs one thing though games today are still heavenly GPU bound which we all know.

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