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iPhone 7 – iOS 10 Tips and Hidden Features

iOS 10 has received an overall change.


ios 10 Lock Screen

You now have widget space, lock screen and camera. You can record videos on spy mode. All you have to do is swipe for the camera and without letting go of the camera window, choose video with other finger and start recording. You can bring the lock screen without letting completely overlap as it will stop the recording.


You can directly respond to your notifications and also the full conversations without having to open the app. All you have to do is force touch or swipe down the notification. You can now clear all notifications by force touching the all clear option.

Redesigned Control Center

We now have a re deigned control center with different pages for controls, music and home kit. You can force touch of these shortcuts for quick access like you can change the brightness level of your flash light.

System App Removal in ios 10

In ios 10 Apple allows us to remove some of the system apps but the fact is the app is not completely removed from your storage. For example even if you remove the video player, you can go to the app store and without internet you can install the system app in no time. Overall its a great add on if you don’t use the system app much.

Folder access

You can now force touch on a folder to rename it and also the see the app that have notifications. This is helpful in directly launching the app that have unseen notifications. Also you can rename the folder with emoji s to make it look cool and interesting. You can also simply put character for simpler and cleaner look.

Camera Add on

You can now take pictures while listening to music previously the music would automatically stop as soon as you launch the camera.

Photo App

The photo app had also been updated. You can now preview slideshow of different memories and also see related photos. You can also edit live photos now.

Track pad mode in ios 10

You can force touch the keyboard to activate the track pad mode which is great for navigating through texts and emails. Erasing is now easier then before as the more force you apply the faster it deletes.

ios 10 App store Lag

If you are facing lag in the app store you can refresh it by tapping the featured tab 10 times. This not only refreshes the app store but also free’s the cache which will free up your storage as well.

Force close apps

You can now force close any apps by holding the power button and once the power slider pops up hold the home button until the app closes.

Animated Texts

We all know about the changes in the messaging app however you are not able to send the animated texts that is due to the reduced motion. You can go ahead and turn that off if you want to send animated texts. Also you can send your music previews to your contacts, send stickers and gifs and even play games together. For example tic tac toe. these games also have a dedicated store of them.

Avoid Read and not Replied

In the imessage app it really bugs me that the receiver knows I have read the message and not replied. To avoid this you can disable read for individual contacts. Also if you tilt to your device to landscape mode you can input your handwriting instead of typing.

Email App

You can now see all your accounts and its folders on the main page and also filter the unread messages.

Bed Time

Clock also has a new feature called bedtime which acts as a smart alarm reminding you to sleep, wake up and record your sleep cycle.


You can now browse two webpages simultaneously but this works with ipads only. Long press the tab icon and choose split view or just drag the tab to the side. if you want to export any webpages in pdf format just choose share hit print and now zoom out.

 Notes App

You can now add people to your notes who can edit the notes. This feature is really useful for shopping, group events and so on.

Call Options

You can tap the phone icon to quickly redial the last caller or force touch for these options.

Downloading and Updating

You can force touch and select priority download for individual apps.


There is separate settings for siri where you can integrate third party apps to siri like sending messages on whats app, posting on link din and so on and I am sure a lot of other apps will be supported in the near future.

Message preview

You can turn off message preview in notifications setting which is really important as you may receive personal messages that you don’t want others to see. You can do this for any messaging app from its settings.

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