Sony MDR-100AAP Review

Sony MDR-100AAP better than the Audio Technica M50X?

For the past year the Audio Technica M50X have been my go to over the ear headphones for listening to music. I like them a lot but they aren’t perfect and I always wanted to find something that suited me a little better. Finally I stumbled upon the Sony MDR-100AAP.





The packaging isn’t super premium or anything but its pretty nice. Inside you get the Sony MDR-100AAP itself sitting in a plastic tray, a 3.5 mm cable, storage bag and some documentation.



The design of Sony MDR-100AAP is very clean and simple. Also it depends on what you are looking for in the design. I wouldn’t say that I like the design more than the M50X. I like them both but the Sony MDR-100AAP have more modern look. Most of the lines are subtle with a lot of smooth surface finish even the cable is a flat ribbon.


The Sony MDR-100AAP come in bunch of colors. Pink, yellow, red, orange, black, blue. I prefer the teal color. The whole headphone is color matched even the storage bag which is made of some technical fabric with micro fibers inside. The storage bag is definitely better then the fake leather bag of Audio Technica M50X.


The last and the most important aspect of the design is the way the ear cups fold. Sony MDR-100AAP has a collapsible headband that’s similar to Beats.

Build Quality


Headphones which have a collapsible headband are prone to busting. However, Sony MDR-100AAP are sturdy and solid. The cups are made up of aluminum and are not easily scratched but the rest of the exterior material is plastic.The yokes are plastic the side band is plastic the top band is plastic but these are of high quality and the materials feel sturdy.


The fake leather parts are good but compared to the fake leather on M50X the Sony MDR-100AAP are noticeably better. The top headband can be extended and inside you get metal bands that run the full length. The rotation of the cups on Sony MDR-100AAP is very limited unlike the M50X which have a full 180 degree rotation. Overall the build quality is very good, it doesn’t feel particularly premium but is very sturdy as long as you don’t go ham on them.



Sony MDR-100AAP weigh only 219 grams so they are comfortable to wear for extended period of time. The ear cups have a really soft material and are pretty comfortable. The inner diameter of the ear cups is a bit small, so if you have big ears it might be a problem but I think it will fit most people properly. People who wear spectacles know that some headphones press against the frame of the glasses just right at the temple and is very uncomfortable. You will not have this problem with Sony MDR-100AAP mostly because the tension between the headbands is a bit more relaxed and the ear cups are smaller. However this affects the noise cancellation on the Sony MDR-100AAP which is not so bad and still does a good job of blocking unwanted noises.


The Sony MDR-100AAP comes with only one cable. A 1.2m tangle free ribbon cable with Mic and a single button. There are no volume buttons but you can start/stop music and answer phone calls. The Mic quality is extremely good. The ribbon cable connects on the left side of Sony MDR-100AAP and is a simple insertion without any twist locks.




The most important thing about headphones is the sound. So how does the Sony MDR-100AAP perform?. They sound really good. They have a similar sensitivity to M50X so they sound pretty identical in terms of volume. The bass is present its tight and doesn’t feel exaggerated. The Mids are also good definitely better then M50X. There is no spill over from the bass so the mid sounds clear especially the vocals. The sound is still a little misty compared to other expensive headphones but the sound overall is pretty good. The upper frequency is also nicely done with lots of details and nothing to aggressive. Main thing I found is when you hear recorded voice they sound natural and balanced.


The Sony MDR-100AAP are pretty good headphones and I consider them a good buy. They have good fit, design and build quality. If you like to listen music on your headphones and want to buy good quality headphones without spending substantial amounts of money the Sony MDR-100AAP are worth a buy.

Sony MDR-100AAP
Written by: HEMAN
4.7 / 5 stars

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