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iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus Review

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus review


Here it is the iPhone 7 and I promise we are not going to talk about the headphone jack. So lets start with something fun the iPhone 7 is water resistant. Its not quite as water resistant as the Samsung phones but it isn’t going to freak out if you get it wet and that’s awesome.



The new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus look more or less exactly like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus from 2014. There are some small differences like stereo speakers, tweaked antenna lines and a bigger camera bump. The biggest change in the iPhone 7 is the removal of the headphone jack. It comes with lightning hear pods, a dongle for using your old headphones which will cost $9 if you lose it. Apples forcing a huge change with the iPhone 7 by taking away the headphone jack. The ecosystem around this change is pretty immature. This is all going to be really inconvenient while everyone adapts and builds adapters. Apple is also trying to push wireless audio pretty hard with the new airpods. Everyone single person I showed the airpods case to, thought they looked like dental floss.


Apple says it needed to take out the headphone jack so it can add all kinds of other new features in iPhone 7. Better cameras, taptic engine haptic feedback system, water resistant and maybe most importantly a bigger battery. So the real question is weather all this stuff is worth it and weather its worth upgrading to the iPhone 7 while the world around us is still adjusting to the biggest IO change in years.


The iPhone 7 is one the most beautiful and refined design Apple has ever made particularly the black colored version where the antenna lines blend right into the sides of the body. Lets be honest the second you stick iPhone 7 in a case , it looks just like the iPhone 6. The Galaxy Note 7 might have problems with exploding but from a visual design perspective Samsung has definitely pulled ahead this generation.

Hardware A10 Fusion Processor


Inside the case the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are completely new phones though with a bunch of interesting ideas. The Home button for instance doesn’t move anymore instead its totally solid. The Taptic Engine makes it feel like a click when you push down on it. If the phone is off it doesn’t move at all. You can set it to three different levels of feedback but none of them feels like a real button. I am okay with this but some maybe wont like it, you will have to try yourself to understand. The Taptic Engine also adds all kinds of other fun feedback to the phone like when you drop the notification down the phone bumps a little bit. This is way more useful then 3D Touch which I think is a gimmick and still hasn’t really caught on.


The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus also have the new A10 fusion processor, its fast but it wasn’t noticeably faster then my iPhone 6S Plus during my boring day to day use. I am sure high end games and other apps will take advantage of this processor but it will take some time. The real news with the A10 fusion is that it has four cores. Two of which are special low power cores that means the phone can use less power if you are not stressing it to save the battery life.

Camera – Dual Camera


The other big news with the iPhone 7 is the improved camera. Its an improvement over the 6s but its not a huge leap and is about the same as Galaxy S7. The front camera on both the new iPhone is upgraded to 7MP Sensor. The rear camera on the regular iPhone 7 has a faster 1.8 lens and optical image stabilization both which improve low light performance. The iPhone 7 Plus has a radical dual camera system on the back with two 12MP shooters and wide angle lens. The two cameras work together has a single system so you can smoothly zoom from 1x to 10x. Eventually Apple will enable some fancy tricks that will blur the background like the much fancier cameras.

camera-sample-2 camera-samples

Here is the thing the camera is only a little bit better day to day you might not notice it but in Low light and extreme detail it is noticeably better. The iPhone 7 Plus wider aperture lens leads to a slightly softer background and colors are bit more vibrant straight of the camera. The increased vibrancy is can seen on the iPhone 7 screen which can display much wider range of colors then 6s and its very noticeable. The screen is not only warmer then the 6s display but photos look amazing on it you can definitely tell iPhone 7 Plus photo apart from 6S when you look at them on 7 Plus.

Apple says forthcoming software updates will enable depth effect for portraits but for now you get the ability to switch between 1x and 2x by tapping a button and digitally zooming upto 10x. Front cameras are more important in our snapchat world and the iPhone 7’s front camera is excellent. Its not quite as wide angle as Samsung’s camera but its bright, sharp and the retina flash is a terrify idea.

Software – iOS 10

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus run the iOS 10 which is a tremendous upgrade over the iOS 9. It has all kinds of new features, a new version of SIRI that can be extended to third party apps, better integration of the smart home devices and a ton of other new stuff. Off course you can get iOS 10 on any other recent iPhone so its not worth buying a whole new phone just to get it but its definitely worth upgrading in general.

Battery Life

pjimage-1You can expect about 8-10 hours battery life a day with the iPhone 7 and 10-12 hours with the iPhone 7 Plus. That’s pretty much what Apple claims but depending on how much you use your phone during the day it could be just as same as iPhone 6s.



The world is just not ready for the iPhone 7. The most interesting feature of the dual cameras doesn’t ship at launch, apps haven’t been updated to use that Taptic Engine. The entire new ecosystem of new headphones and adapters required to make use of lightning  and wireless audio is just getting off the ground. Right now using iPhone 7 in a case just feels like using a 6S with a weirder home button and more dongles. However, its not all bad the iPhone 7 is a terrific phone with a great camera and gorgeous display, if you need a new phone right now sure buy one.


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