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iPhone 7 Gaming Performance Review

iPhone 7 Gaming Review

Today we are going to look at the gaming performance of iPhone 7. I will be playing some games like asphalt 8, Assassins Creed Identity and some other games as well. We will also monitor if it lags or has frame rate drops, check temperature, battery usage and Ram management. Right now We have 83% battery, 50% screen brightness, no apps running in background and the idle temperatures is 32°c to 33°c.

Space Marshall 2


The iPhone 7 handles this game with almost no lag. After 5 minutes of gaming the phones temperature rose from 32°c to 36°c

Asphalt 8 Airborne


Asphalt 8 is a graphically intensive game. The iPhone 7 lagged a lot and the controls had some delay to it. It also had subtle frame rate drops here and there. This might be an optimization issue and can probably be fixed with an update.


After 10 minutes of total gaming the temperature rose to 38°c which still isn’t uncomfortable.

Assassins Creed Identity


This game too is graphically intense. The iPhone 7 handled this with ease, no lags and minimal frame drops.

After 15 minutes of total gaming the temperature were  at 39°c. I also checked if the other two games were in the memory and as expected they were.

Riptide GP & Halo Assault


I played these games for 6 to 7 minutes and it handled both these games with ease and no lags.


After 25 minutes of gaming the iPhone 7 reached 40°c. The battery dropped from 83% to 69% which is fairly good. I also checked if all the five games I played are still in the memory. Again the iPhone 7 managed to load all five games right were I left them.


The iPhone 7 is good for gaming and with future updates and optimizations it will sure perform even better and new games will certainly take advantage of the new hardware.

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